Is Instagram right for your brand?

There are over 200 Million businesses on Instagram. And, according to the platform, 90% of people on Instagram follow a company. One of the ways that brands on the app share content with audiences are through branded Instagram Stories. These Stories enable audiences to learn more about your brand and what you offer — generating interest with prospective buyers and creating trust. 

Instagram is the perfect channel to reach an enormous audience – over 1 billion active users monthly. On average, users spend 53 minutes on Instagram, making this platform the second most visited social network after Facebook.

Instagram facilitates maintaining your relationships with customers and prospects. People enjoy connecting with brands through this network – 90% of users follow at least one company on Instagram.

Another point to consider is Instagram’s selling acceleration opportunities. According to Facebook research in 2019, 65% of people polled visited a brand’s website or app after seeing it on Instagram. 46% of interviewees purchased from a brand online or offline.

Brand strengthening

Instagram marketing works wonders for brand awareness. 83% of users confess that this social network helps them discover new products or services. Better yet, people show more trust in the brands presented on Instagram.

74% of users consider brands with Instagram accounts relevant, and 78% perceive them as famous. In contrast, brands with an Instagram account are likely to avoid potential customers.

Enlarged sales

We already know that the Instagram audience makes purchases willingly. This buying audience is gigantic – 11% of social media users in the US shop on Instagram.

Knowing this peculiarity, Instagram lets businesses make the most of their platform. Instagram offers a robust set of tools that allow users to shop right from Instagram. They are linked in Instagram Stories, shopping tags, ads, and more. Consider reading the complete list on the Instagram website.

Instagram age demographics

  • 25-34-year-olds represent the largest advertising audience on Instagram, followed closely by the 18-24-year old age group
  • Men slightly outnumber women in these age groups. However, women outnumber men among users 35 and up.

So should you be using Instagram? It depends on your business. I’ve found that there are a lot of foreign brands that advertise on Instagram, and when I order something from them, it takes weeks to receive merchandise.

The other issue is that your advertising shouldn’t interrupt users. For example, we ran an Instagram ad on how to take a frozen pizza and add various toppings to make it better. The engagement metrics were spectacular, and the client’s pizza sales quickly increased with users sharing their favorite tips on making frozen pizzas more like restaurant quality.

Instagram is worth a test but be careful about expecting too much as it may not be right for every brand.

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