• Facebook likes comments and shares of articles from news outlets that regularly publish falsehoods and misleading content roughly tripled from the third quarter of 2016 to the third quarter of 2020.
  • Far more Americans distrust than trust Facebook as a source for political and election news.
  • FB’s lies and misrepresentations about its advertising business have continued year after year.
  • Now Congress is going after big tech, including Facebook.
  • Too many marketers still use Facebook for vanity metrics.
It’s time to reign Facebook in


  • UBS financial services firm predicts that this “subscription economy” will grow to $1.5 trillion by 2025, more than double the $650 billion it’s estimated to be worth now.
  • Subscriptions bring in upfront revenue, strengthen relationships with customers and give companies much deeper data on what sells.
  • The rapid growth of subscriptions has created a host of challenges for the economy, far outpacing the government’s ability to scrutinize aggressive marketing practices and ensure that consumers are being treated fairly.
  • The typical U.S. consumer now has two to three subscriptions, according to user data from budget app Mint and research by Tien Tzuo.
Subscription Marketing

SUMMARY: Stupidity is defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  91% of business executives plan to increase their social media budgets over the next three years despite fewer than half of companies who describe their social media strategies as “very effective” when measuring its power to strengthen brand image, raise awareness, increase sales or growing the customer base.

Most brands are clueless when it comes to social media

IN SUMMARY: In the United States, there are about 52 million people who are age 65 or older, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. This demographic is projected to almost double in size by 2060, to a whopping 95 million people. The mature market has over $1.6 trillion in spending power and a net worth that’s almost twice the U.S. average. The facts speak for themselves — the mature market represents a tremendous opportunity across all categories.

Seniors have a lot of spending power

HEY NOW: According to Bango marketers need to realize that board-level executives aren’t interested in vanity metrics like shares, likes, and retweets… and don’t even get them started on “impressions” and “engagement” levels. But Sprout’s new report on social media marketing indicates that marketers are still pouring money into social media and feel it’s a channel they need for brand building. What we have here is failure to communicate.

The battle over social media marketing

QUICK READ: Time is just as valuable as currency. People don’t have time to read your content unless they are information-seeking mode. They will scan your content for personally relevant information and even share it on social media without reading it. Site visitors on average spend less than 15 seconds on any given webpage, and that’s assuming people click to go to your site at all. The way to combat this is to know your audience and what THEY want to know/read.

<b>Truth:</b> People don’t read content