SUMMARY: Stupidity is defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  91% of business executives plan to increase their social media budgets over the next three years despite fewer than half of companies who describe their social media strategies as “very effective” when measuring its power to strengthen brand image, raise awareness, increase sales or growing the customer base.

Most brands are clueless when it comes to social media

HEY NOW: According to Bango marketers need to realize that board-level executives aren’t interested in vanity metrics like shares, likes, and retweets… and don’t even get them started on “impressions” and “engagement” levels. But Sprout’s new report on social media marketing indicates that marketers are still pouring money into social media and feel it’s a channel they need for brand building. What we have here is failure to communicate.

The battle over social media marketing

WHAT’S UP? “Board To Death,” a new report from Bango, reported that corporate CEOs have issues buying into digital Marketing tactics, specifically social media marketing. The report found that 62% of CEOs believe too much of their digital marketing budget is wasted on activities that don’t deliver meaningful results. Ouch…but true.

Marketers’ losing CEOs with social media marketing

SUMMARY: As the battle between Facebook and Apple intensifies, The Wall Street Journal is out with a new report detailing Facebook’s anger at Apple. The report explains that one of the turning points in the battle was an interview Tim Cook did in 2018 amid Facebook’s Cambridge Analytics scandal. In private, the report says that Zuckerberg has been even harsher. “We need to inflict pain,” he has reportedly told his team at Facebook.

Apple vs. Facebook is personal now