Are branded websites embarrassing?

How bad are branded websites? 48% of marketers say their website had recently embarrassed them in front of a customer or key stakeholder. But does a website solve ROI issues? 90% of brands claim they receive a good ROI on their marketing technology spend, although data proves this is untrue.

I’m not surprised at the findings of this study. They should ask, “does your company need a website?”. Most brands we buy every day don’t need a website. How many people will buy Star-Kist tuna because they have an excellent website?

To make matters worse, 92% of marketers believe their website’s poor user experience is costing them sales, and 30% say this sum exceeds $100,000 per year. Really? This finding needs more of an in-depth answer. This could be true for eCommerce sites, but is it valid for Nabisco cookies?

So what’s going on here?

1ne: Brands still haven’t quantified the value of their branded website versus hard ROI objectives.

2wo: Brands still rely on vanity metrics (clicks) versus accurate metrics like time on site, pages viewed, and bounce rates.

3hree: TV still provides a better ROI but heavy frequency and reach diminish metrics while that money could be used to enhance their digital experience.

4our: The report mentions nothing about using branded websites for customer service. This is becoming more important because of phone trees and AI chatbots.

Brands should know that today’s consumer has a limited attention span and doesn’t have time to visit a branded website unless YOU GIVE THEM A REASON. For example, offering coupons online or other special promotions could drive people to your website.

I’ve been in digital marketing for twenty years and understand how and why people go online. The days of random surfing are coming to an end. Today attention spans are turned to social media like TikTok or news headlines. Does a website like provide value? Yes, but only when customers need it, like an encyclopedia.

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