Apple’s primary goal is making money at the cost of innovation

SUMMARY: Apple was once thought to be an innovative company with new and exciting products. Unfortunately, that’s in the past. Today Apple is run by a former logistics manager who only knows how to make tens of millions of dollars in salary.

The iPhone 13 is not revolutionary in any way. Apple added features that some people wanted and will charge a premium price for the privilege of owning the new phone. The same can be said about the new iWatch and iPad.

I admit that I miss the days when an Apple event would blow me away and make me say, “I want that!” but those days are long gone. The newest iMacs are a huge disappointment in design, and I can’t remember the last time Apple introduced something really innovative.

I’m not a big Tim Cook fan. His strength is logistics, not leading a company to innovate. Under Cook, Apple’s stock has performed really well, but Steve Jobs could have cared less about the stock. Time after time, Apple events turn out to be self-promotional commercials designed to inflate their own egos.

Apple has a ton of money in its bank accounts and does everything possible to fight the proposed corporate tax increases. They also were good at hiding profits in Europe rather than paying their fair share of taxes. Under Cook, they seem to be really good at separating people from their money and little else.

Recently Apple fired one of their engineers who complained that she had been harassed and that her office was on top of a superfund site. She tells the story of a company that essentially spies on all its employees and controls their every move. It’s easy to see why so many people who developed innovative products and operating systems have left.

I guess I’m just overly disappointed. I have an iMac, iPad, and iPhone, but I want new operating systems that are better and innovative. My iPhone 11 is just fine, and I have no intention of upgrading to a new one anytime soon. My iPad is two years old, and I see no need to get a new one. However, there will be a lot of people who have to have the new iPhone or iPad. Cook knows this and knows that releasing the products in the fall is a great time for sales. For Apple, it’s about making money, not innovating, and that’s sad.

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