Facebook continues to lie and misrepresent

SUMMARY: Facebook apologized, again, for providing misinformation to researchers for their work examining how users interact with posts and links on its platform, the New York Times reported.  Facebook is also home to ads for reversing a medication abortion. In reality, the “method” is an unprovenpotentially dangerous intervention that the FDA has never approved. The only independent study on it was halted after a quarter of the participants were hospitalized. Why are brands still paying money to these liars?

I love this commentary from Bob Hoffman;

Facebook’s VP of Integrity (yes, they actually have one) says they have undertaken “a long journey to become “by far the most transparent platform on the internet.”  As regular readers know, any time you see the word “journey,” you know you’re in for some massive bullshit. And how do you become VP of Integrity at FB? I guess you train as VP of Diversity at the KKK. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here…

To demonstrate their commitment to truth and transparency, Facebook decided to prepare a report that ostensibly would show us that contrary to the published lies about how they spread misinformation and hate, what really happens on Facebook is innocent and harmless — mostly posts about baking cupcakes and cute pictures of the grandkids.

Except it didn’t. The VP of Integrity forgot to tell us that the report demonstrating their transparency was scheduled to be released after the first quarter of 2021. When the report was completed, it showed that the most shared post on Facebook for the first quarter of 2021 was a lie suggesting that a healthy doctor had died from the COVID vaccine.

Bob has continually documented Facebook’s lies and mistruths over time. I really don’t understand why anyone would continue to enrich Facebook. They are lying weasels.

From metrics that are inaccurate to lying to Congress, Facebook has continually stretched the truth. Brands continue to reward their lies with more money even though it has been my experience that their ads perform marginally. Why can’t brands hold Facebook accountable? Because they are led by braindead marketers who follow the crowds.

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