Your employees are your brand, but they want to quit

Despite recent massive layoffs at high-profile companies and fears of a global recession, about 61% of American workers are thinking about quitting in 2023, per LinkedIn, which conducted a survey in December polling over 2,000 workers in the US. These people ARE your brand and marketing.

About three-quarters, or 72%, of Gen Z, are considering quitting, while two-thirds or 66% of millennials also considering such a move, LinkedIn told Insider. In contrast, just about half, or 55%, of Gen X and one-third, or 30%, of Baby Boomers are thinking of putting in their papers.

Why would they give 100% to their jobs if they’re considering quitting? The answer is they probably don’t give a damn, as anyone who has contacted customer service probably knows.

Why is this happening?

1ne: They’re spoiled by the pandemic and want to work at home as they’re being called into the office in higher numbers.

2wo: They feel undervalued and underappreciated by managers who can’t manage.

3hree: They read about layoffs and realize that despite doing a good job, they could be laid off at any time.

4our: The job takes too much out of them, and they don’t have a work-life balance.

Richard Branson has gone on record saying you need to treat your employees better than your customers. I agree, but the reality is that the most important thing to any company is its balance sheet. Need to cut expenses? Just lay off a couple of thousand people.

The reality is that employees have had enough of the corporate bullshit. They want life and meaningful work and don’t want to be eaten up by rising healthcare premiums. Then there are the incompetent managers who hide in big companies. They are all over the place and are responsible for your company’s lousy rating by customers.

Your brand is so much more than your product; it’s your employees and what people say about working for you.

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