SUMMARY: When a company loses a great employee, it causes the other employees to have a reason for pause, thinking, “Why would that person leave the organization, and why would the organization let them get away? To deny a reasonable increase to a top performer in the organization can be a very costly mistake. To try and hire a replacement for a great employee will inevitably cost the organization significantly more money.

Don’t lose great marketing talent

QUICK READ: The pandemic crisis created a host of new challenges for brand teams as plans quickly change and evolve. In fact, 56% of a survey respondents indicated that managing shifting priorities or strategies as the top challenge. Consumers are going to change their spending habits, but they’re also going to remember which brand/corporations used their tax dollars to bail them out while they used tax breaks to enrich investors and CEO’s.

Written marketing plans are obsolete before they’re printed.

SUMMARY: The elimination of the CMO position at dozens of high-profile brands, including Johnson & Johnson, Kellogg’s, Taco Bell, McDonald’s, Netflix, and Walmart is indicative of a problem with marketers. Too many marketers haven’t adopted the mindset change and a realization that the customers are in control — the customer is the marketing department.

This is why marketing jobs are in decline