What’s wrong with Amazon?

Amazon will lay off 9,000 more employees in the coming weeks, CEO Andy Jassy said in a memo to staff Monday. More layoffs will leave workers on edge and drive away customers Amazon needs to keep, and there’s also a good chance it will also hurt the company from growing in the future. What happened?

Amazon’s cuts are on top of the previously announced layoffs that began in November and extended into January. That round totaled more than 18,000 employees and primarily affected staffers in its retail, devices, recruiting, and human resources groups.

Amazon decided to lay off more employees as it looks to streamline costs. It took into account the economy and the “uncertainty that exists in the near future,” Jassy said. The company just wrapped up the second phase of its annual budgeting process, referred to internally as “OP2.”

What we have here are fundamental business failures. Here are some;

1ne: Uncertainty that exists in the near future – Ha? It’s your CEO’s job to eliminate any uncertainty with in-depth research. I think the CEO has been reading too many headlines.

2wo: Amazon has lost its focus – Amazon, as a brand, stood for low prices and fast delivery. Now they’re a media company and an advertising platform. Why they had to add their delivery service instead of using UPS or the mail is a major strategic mistake. Amazon Alexa has also been a colossal failure.

3hree: They’re charging merchants 50% for selling on Amazon.com – That is insanity. I’ve seen many merchants start to leave Amazon.com because they can’t afford the huge fees.

The CEO needs to bring Amazon back to Earth and focus on what they do well as Walmart and Target begin to offer same-day delivery of products bought online. Frankly, I haven’t watched one Amazon Prime movie or series, and the statistics indicate that most people also avoid their streaming.

Jeff Bezos should leave his wife to pursue her acting career and get back in charge.

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