Responsible brands don’t use Facebook

QUICK READ: Facebook continues to betray its user’s trust to the point that even employees are staging walkouts. How many times will brands allow Facebook to get away with their lies and the belief that they rule the online universe?

Results of the 2017 Gallup/Knight Foundation Survey on Trust, Media, and Democracy show that most Americans believe it is now harder to be well-informed and to determine which news is accurate. They increasingly perceive the media as biased and struggle to identify objective news sources.

When it comes to social media it’s even worse. Most Americans do not trust social media companies to make the right decisions about what should be allowed on their platforms, but trust the government even less to make those choices, according to a poll released on Tuesday by Gallup and the Knight Foundation.

The survey also found that 85% of respondents favored removing intentionally false or misleading health information and 81% supported removing intentionally misleading claims about elections or other political issues. And eight in 10 respondents said they do not trust Big Tech to make the right decisions on content.

Twitter has been courageous and will limit false information posted by our liar-in-chief but Mark feels that anyone should be able to post anything they want on Facebook even though lately they have been more aggressive in pulling bad information.

Even without all this Facebook has continued to lie to advertisers while they make money hand over fist. Agencies have, for the most part, failed to hold Facebook accountable and brands seem to be deaf to their indiscretions.

If brands really want to be socially responsible they need to tell Facebook to get its house in order. Facebook, Mark, is a media platform and has a responsibility to its users and advertisers to ensure the information posted on its pages are factual.

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