How did Facebook get so much power?

QUICK READ: I’ve been in Facebook jail three-time and really consider it a badge of honor. I’ve cut back on my Facebook use because frankly, I believe they have way too much power and have lied to us repeatedly.

Facebook could have the platform that changed us instead they are the platform that will do almost anything to make money. Zuckerberg is now worth several billion dollars and Facebook just admitted that they have more right-wing sites than previously thought.

Right-wing sites, of course, are protected by free speech but when these sites spew out off the chart conspiracy theories about COVID-19 and earring masks they are out of control.

Facebook and its Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp platforms have a combined 6.2 billion users. That’s 81 percent of humanity — a big number even accounting for duplication. Facebook did not achieve its dominance through innovation. It used the expedient of 72 takeovers costing a total of $23.4 billion to purchase the innovations of others.

Facebook can ban users for any number of reasons. Someone, working at home, in the Valley can simply check a box if they feel your post violated their standards. Nudity, for example, is not allowed but you can see a video of someone being decapitated. American white supremacists can spew their hatred on the site but if someone gets into an argument with a Trump supporter and calls them a name they can be banned for bullying.

Through the constant lies and holier than thou attitude Facebook users continue their daily love of the social media site and advertisers still flock to the site. Frankly, I refuse to buy and brand advertised on Facebook.

Facebook provided the personal data of 87 million Facebook users, including about 620,000 Canadians, to British political consultancy Cambridge Analytica. The data was used to manipulate the outcome of the 2016 Brexit referendum and U.S. presidential election later that year.

The other thing that a lot of people forget is that when social media was becoming hot the so-called social media experts told us how we have to be on the site and they made a lot of money and enriched their personal brands in doing so. Now that organic posts, by brand, is dead they are preaching to us about digital ads even though more people are using ad blockers and most digital ads have a really poor ROI.

If I had Zuckerberg’s money and power I would be trying to improve life for millions. Homeless vets? Not on my watch. Can’t afford your Rx medications? We can help. Instead, Zuckerberg and his staff are building ultra-expensive homes all over the world.

As marketers, we can’t just blindly follow the masse of the people and advertise where they are. We need to do a better job representing their values and demonstrate that we care beyond just words.

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