Don’t Say “OK, Boomer” to Your Marketing Budget: Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore This Powerful Generation

There is a dangerous trend: overlooking the Baby Boomer generation. Often dismissed as “out of touch” or “technologically inept,” Boomers are frequently left out of marketing strategies in favor of younger demographics. But writing off this group is a huge mistake.

1. Boomers Hold the Purse Strings: Don’t underestimate the spending power of this generation. With a staggering $7.8 trillion in annual spending, Boomers control over half of all U.S. discretionary spending. They’re not retiring and downsizing; they’re actively engaging in travel, hobbies, and experiences.

2. They’re Tech-Savvy and Digitally Active: Forget the stereotype of computer-illiterate grandparents. Boomers are avid internet users, spending 27 hours online per week. They’re active on social media, research online products, and are increasingly comfortable with mobile shopping.

3. They Value Brand Loyalty: Unlike their younger counterparts, Boomers tend to be loyal to brands they trust. They appreciate quality, customer service, and authenticity. Building trust and fostering long-term relationships with this demographic can be incredibly valuable.

4. They Influence Others: Boomers aren’t just spending their own money; they also influence the spending of younger generations. They’re often the decision-makers in families and are active in gifting for holidays and special occasions.

5. They’re a Diverse Group: It’s crucial to remember that Boomers are not a monolith. They have diverse interests, values, and media consumption habits. Segmenting and tailoring your messaging to specific sub-groups within the Boomer demographic is key to success.

So, how can you tap into this powerful market?

  • Embrace authenticity: Avoid patronizing or ageist messaging. Focus on genuine storytelling and showcase products that resonate with their values and interests.

  • Utilize multi-channel marketing: Don’t limit yourself to digital channels. Traditional media like TV, print, and direct mail can still effectively reach Boomers.

  • Build trust and credibility: Highlight brand heritage, quality, and customer testimonials. Offer excellent customer service and build transparency into your marketing efforts.

  • Focus on value and experience: Boomers are willing to spend on products that offer value and enhance their lives. Focus on your product’s benefits and experiences, not just the features.

  • Be mindful of accessibility: Ensure your website and marketing materials are accessible to users with visual or hearing impairments.

Beyond Dollars:

  • Discretionary Income: While Boomers control 7.8 trillion in annual spending, their discretionary income, meaning money left after necessities, allows them to be selective and intentional with their purchases.

  • Experience Seekers: Boomers prioritize experiences over material possessions. This translates to increased spending on travel, hobbies, wellness, and entertainment.

  • Multi-Generational Influence: They influence their spending and the spending of their children and grandchildren, making them critical decision-makers within families.

  • Tech-Savvy & Evolving: Unlike stereotypes, Boomers embrace technology, with 93% owning smartphones and actively using various online platforms. Their online presence offers valuable marketing opportunities.


  • Avoid Stereotypes: Treat Boomers like the diverse and dynamic generation they are.

  • Focus on Benefits: Highlight the experiences and emotional value your product offers.

  • Engage & Be Relevant: Create engaging content that speaks to their interests and aspirations.

By understanding Boomers’ buying power beyond just the numbers and implementing these strategies, you can tap into a loyal and valuable market with immense spending potential.

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