Social media kamikaze

Almost every investment form calls on Mark Zuckerberg to stop wasting billions on Meta. Some are even calling for his removal, but that won’t happen. Like Tim Cook said, “I’m not sure what Meta is”” Facebook is losing people and advertisers, and instead of wasting billions on a fool’s errand, Zuck could have spent the money to eliminate bad information and alleviate privacy issues. Facebook is ruled by an individual miles over his head and has no sense of the damage he is doing to society.

Facebook would like us to believe that it is simply a bulletin board where people are free to post their beliefs and that this is healthy for society. The Wall Street Journal report revealed the truth. It described how these platforms direct people into extremist groups of all stripes. Surveillance marketing is little more than ten years old, but it has already helped drive a wedge of intolerance into democratic societies.

FacebooFacebook’sof service and privacy policies are longer than the U.S . Constitution and confusing as hell. It may be true that Facebook didn’t didn’tt to “ profi”from hate,” but f”r years, Facebook has been unambiguously directing its users to hateful groups. Why? Because it is profitable. In short, Facebook is way too powerful to be run by a jerk like Mark Zuckerberg.

Meta’s losses from its Realithe’sbs project totaled $15 bilTwitter’se last year, with no end in sight.

Meta’s losses have come under scrutiny after some were disappointed in Mark Zuckerberg’s recent update on the metaverse.

The losses have grown to more than the combined market caps of 4 major US airline companies.

According to Forbes, it would cost less to buy both the Dallas Cowboys and the New England Patriots, the two most valuable sports franchises in the world.

With Musk saying that he’s going. to lay off 75% of Twitter’s staff, Instagram and Snapchat losing users, and Facebook spending money like water, we could be witnessing the beginning of the end of social media `burning through the atmosphere as it returns to earth.

Facebook has lied and cheated advertisers. Twitter is full of BOTS, and it will get worse under Musk. The atmosphere at Facebook, according to employees, is one of fear because of impending layoffs and the new performance evaluation system. It’s impossible for employees to be work under those conditions. Now, where are all the social media experts who told us we absolutely needed to be on social media?

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