Five Tips for Creating Great Video Content

SUMMARY: According to Video Insights, 100 minutes is the average amount of time a person will spend watching videos online in 2021. Marketing research in 2020 shows that video marketing is highly effective with ROI, lead generation, website traffic flow improvements, and sales increases. These five tips will help you make the most effective videos possible.

The Beginning is Key

The initial 5 to 10 seconds of a video is critical to ensure your audience continues watching. This means you have to generate an authentic interest from the viewers immediately. One of the most successful ways to maintain today’s online audience’s short 8.5-second attention span is to create a hook. The hook should tell the viewer why they should continue watching the video by demonstrating its value. During the first 10 seconds, you should portray whether the video will be humorous, educational, or actionable. Many brands like to ask questions as a way to spark curiosity from the audience. And make sure the thumbnail, which is the first impression of the video, is interesting and reflective of the video’s overall nature and tone.

Create a Story

The most effective videos center around a story rather than pressing a sale. A direct sales approach can turn off consumers and have highly negative effects on video marketing ROI. An effective approach for many is to focus on the value the brand provides customers and appeal to the desires and needs of your audience. The story should also connect with viewers and clearly express the brand’s offering or the ways the brand will make their lives better.

Select the Right Video Type

Whether you want to demonstrate how to rotate a video or sell a product or service, it is essential to select your message’s right marketing video type. The types of videos for marketing continue to evolve every few years. Generally speaking, at the moment, you can choose from 12 different types and styles. Two of the most common, popular, and effective types are demonstration videos and brand videos. It is also possible to select from any additional marketing video types based on your desired results, such as event videos, educational and how-to videos, explainer videos, and animated videos. Some brands find success with expert interviews, customer testimonial and case study videos, and personalized messages. And some of the most recent additions to marketing video types include live videos, virtual reality videos, and augmented reality videos.

Avoid Dull, Drab and Boring

Regardless of your message, people want to be entertained, and marketing videos are in direct competition with all other forms of entertainment on the Internet. You have to create an engaging video that will make someone want to watch your marketing video over switching over to a streaming site or other social media content. The best way to do this is to avoid boring videos. While humor is one of the best ways to benefit from the video content, captivating emotional pieces can be just as effective. It is also important to add music if it feels right and not be afraid of being a bit risque as the right touch of risque can go viral.

CTAs are Essential

A call to action (CTA) should encourage and motivate viewers to take action upon seeing the CTA. It is important to consider your desired outcome from the CTA or the action you want the audience to take. Some common CTAs exist, such as channel subscriptions, follow or like a page, leave a comment, visit other content, or share the video. It is important to create a direct CTA without being overly sales forward. While most people include the CTA at the end, many videos have greater success by adding the CTA mid-roll while viewers are at the height of their engagement. And be sure to add your contact details, URL, or other important information.

Video content can be a highly effective and successful marketing tool when used properly. Be sure to make the first 10 seconds impactful and dynamic while focusing on the type of video and the story. And do not forget to add humor or be risque when possible, and always include a CTA for the greatest possible ROI.

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