KEY TAKEAWAY: So you’re starting a new business or needing to refresh an older brand and your first thought is a cute name and a cool logo, right? Not so fast. Developing a new brand establishes a solid foundation from which the entire company, its products, and services rely upon. Start out poorly at the beginning of brand development and you will struggle at every step of the way beyond that point.

Developing A New Brand Is More Than A Cool Logo

When a storm is coming, you hunker down. When it’s a mega-storm, you leave. The able, smart, and (yes, the) scared evacuate to survive. There’s a business version too. When a company is in trouble, some folks hunker. When an industry is going to get clobbered, it’s a mass exodus. [cue iconic theme from the eponymous movie.]

Social media can often be seen as a faceless form of communication, and hence many companies lose that personal touch to their customer service that they rely on in face to face interactions when communicating online. It is important that your do not forget that the importance you place on connecting with your customers offline should also transfer to the online world.  All too often, I see some simple mistakes that can really damage your company’s reputation in the social media world. Here is a rundown of social media mistakes that are simple to rectify but can have a devastating effect on your reputation if you do not stop them now!

screenshot_20Though marketing and public relations are generally divided as tasks and not taken together, as time goes on, and business-consumer relations become more transparent, the two disciplines become more and more interrelated and inseparable. By coordinating marketing and PR efforts, companies can gain access to a whole world of consumer information and insights.