Attention bloggers

If you want a successful BLOG you need to follow some basic guidelines. As someone who has two BLOG’s with over a million readers here is what I have learned.

1ne: Be honest and say what’s on your mind. Establish your brand voice, and if your readers don’t like it, they’re not your audience. Never be afraid to call out stupidity.

2wo: Use a theme that doesn’t overwhelm your audience with your content. Some of the magazine themes are so busy that they turn off readers.

3hree: Update your content when you have something to say. Don’t feel as though you absolutely need to write content.

4our: Review what you have written and use online spelling and grammar checker. I use Grammarly and love it.

5ive: Don’t be a sellout. If you’re writing a BLOG because a third party is paying you, disclose it upfront.

6ix: An earnest BLOG is a commitment and should be done because you care about your BLOG subject. I love marketing and love to talk about business and branding with anyone.

7even: Take guest posts but ensure they align with your audience and BLOG. I have received many requests for guest posts but reject 90% of them because they are off subject.

8ight: Use a plug-in to enhance your SEO.

9ine: Don’t expect immediate results. It takes time to build an audience.

10en: Don’t worry about the lack of comments. People scan and too often don’t leave comments. I use Jet Pack to count my readers along with eMail subscribers and social media sharing analytics.

Blogging, to me is something I love to do. I have been hired to write content for other bloggers and brands but it’s something I do rather well. Love what you do!

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Rich is a passionate marketer who is able to quickly understand what turns a prospect into a customer. He challenges the status quo and always asks "what can we do better"? He knows how to take analytics and turn them into opportunities and he is a great communicator.

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