IN SHORT: Companies are already starting to inform employees that they will be working from home all year and may not return to the office until 2022. This will negatively affect some industries, but there are also some opportunities for brands who understand the mindset of working from home consumers.

2021 is going to present unique branding challenges

SUMMARY: The objective of your landing page is to get visitors to stay and look for more information or order your product but too many landing pages are like overcrowded bulletin boards. Your landing page should be simple, uncluttered and contain no more than two key brand messages that have been tested with your audience.

Increasing conversion via landing page design

SUMMARY: Digital marketing is going to evolve in 2019 and with it some of the things “experts” told us to focus on are going to fade away. At the heart of all these changes is that consumers are integrating digital into their daily routines and see digital as a tool to help them become smarter and better manage their lives.

Where is digital marketing going in 2019?