QUICK READ: Americans have built up excess savings worth $2.6 trillion since the start of the coronavirus pandemic that will help power the economy’s recovery from the crisis, according to Moody’s Analytics. The US has amassed the most excess savings of any country, with the cash pile amounting to 12% of gross domestic product. They won’t spend recklessly, and they will demand more from brands at a lower price.

Americans are sitting on a <b>LOT</b> of money and ready to spend

QUICK READ: According to different polls, most brands are shifting more money into digital marketing when people are starting to go shopping again at local retailers. The reason? Because the majority of marketers are brain dead. Marketers are shifting ad spend from traditional channels (especially TV) to digital channels. But in doing so, they risk eroding brand ROI.

Are marketers really this stupid?

QUICK READ: You can’t just assume happy customers will buy from you again. Instead, you need to have consistent systems in place which will cultivate long-term customer loyalty and repeat business. Customer loyalty is lucrative. If you can increase your customer retention, long-term customers will refer additional business to you, buy more of your products, and cost less than new customers. Loyalty boosts your competitive advantages and generates superior financial returns. Remember about 20 percent of your current customers generate 80 percent of your business’s profits.

It’s about customer loyalty