SUMMARY: The objective of your landing page is to get visitors to stay and look for more information or order your product but too many landing pages are like overcrowded bulletin boards. Your landing page should be simple, uncluttered and contain no more than two key brand messages that have been tested with your audience.

Increasing conversion via landing page design

your-name-dot.com_[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]Two in ten online consumers indicate that, in the past month, they have forwarded a link to an article about a brand or product[/inlinetweet] (19%) or to a brand’s or product’s website (19%) to someone in the past month, while 15% have forwarded a link to a brand’s or product’s video.  Surprised ?  Where do you think consumers are going to turn when they eant information on your brand or product?  If you answered Facebook you don’t get ice cream after dinner today.

trustinadsAs marketers spend billions of dollars a year on advertising, effectiveness cannot be measured by impressions alone. Resonance
is the holy grail of a successful campaign. In a market saturated with clutter, marketers need to reach audiences with advertising messages using the formats that make the most impact.  While TV remains the front-running format for the delivery of marketing messages based on ad spend, consumers globally are also looking to online media to get information about brands .