Summary: It used to be that “content was king” but today it’s “too much content, written by people who are clueless” may be more appropriate.  The reality is that people just don’t have the time to read all the content you publish because it’s too long, boring, and written by someone who, more than likely, is better at writing rather than understanding human behavior.

You have to hand it to the so called “experts”.  We were promised that social media would be the magic carpet on which our legions of brand advocates would go to spread the word about the marvelousness of our brands, and would free us from the terrible, wasteful expense of advertising.  When that went down the drain they trying to tell us that content marketing is the key to consumer engagement.  Pure garbage.

facebook troubleFacebook is in trouble despite what you read about “time spent” on the social site.  It seems that more, and in depth, research is indicating that users aren’t reading the content they are sharing. They read headlines and skim content and then share it if it looks like something that aligns with their beliefs or that they feel their followers would be interested in.