According to Richard Jones, CMO at Cheetah Digital;

  • Today’s consumers demand more from brands. They don’t want to be judged solely by what they buy or how much they spend. Consumers want personalized experiences. 
  • Historically customer loyalty was defined by three metrics, recency, frequency and monetary.
  • Today’s definition of customer loyalty has evolved to encompass all engagement a customer has with a brand whether it be via social media, in-store or online visits. These engagements go beyond driving the customer simply from one purchase to the next.
Customer loyalty on life support?

QUICK READ: Before you pop too many corks celebrating this supposedly fantastic economy, remember that someone is going to have to pick up the tab at the end of the night. A few days ago, the New York Fed released numbers showing that U.S. household debt just surpassed $14 trillion for the first time ever. The last time total household debt peaked at anywhere near this figure was in the third quarter of 2008, as the teeth of the Great Recession really sunk in. 

This scares the shit of me as a marketer