• With the accelerated sales growth of private-label consumer products annual sales are growing faster than national brand sales and have effectively disrupted the category.
  • Consumers are increasing their spending on private label products and have become “much more willing to splurge on store brands than they would for name brands,” according to Nielsen.
  • The success of store brands in the mass channel is posing a big challenge for national brands.
The death of national brands


  • After a restful private sleep… direct-to-consumer mattress unicorn Casper wants to go public. 
  • Casper isn’t profitable — despite $358M in 2018 revenues, its loss jumped to $92M.
  • $80M: The amount lost on returns/refunds/discounts in 2019. That cost is 23% of its revenues.
  • Casper wants to be the “Nike of Sleep”… but it’s really the “Peloton of Slumber.” 
Casper <i>“the Peloton of slumber”</i>

SUMMARY: Forget the fact that Peleton is being crucified on social media for their bad commercials. While Peloton has enjoyed a first-mover advantage, “the lack of differentiation of its bike has finally caught up to it as the competition is not only making virtually identical exercise bikes but ones that are both more affordable and functional,” Citron said in its report.

Peleton’s Bad Business Model & Marketing

SUMMARY: The elimination of the CMO position at dozens of high-profile brands, including Johnson & Johnson, Kellogg’s, Taco Bell, McDonald’s, Netflix, and Walmart is indicative of a problem with marketers. Too many marketers haven’t adopted the mindset change and a realization that the customers are in control — the customer is the marketing department.

This is why marketing jobs are in decline