Zuckerberg and Sandberg have to go

  • The security breach that allowed hackers to get their hands on the “private” information of 50 million Facebook subscribers was inexcusable.
  • “Facebook is a danger to democratic society and Zuckerberg has shown himself to be completely incapable of running that company with any degree of integrity.”

According to Bob Hoffman “GroupM, the world’s largest buyer of media, publicly called bullshit on Facebook. “Facebook doesn’t operate with real-world metrics. I would urge every agency to hold Facebook to account and interrogate the data that comes out from them,” said Robin O’Neill, managing director of digital trading for GroupM.

As I have said for years, anyone who believes the Facebook’s numbers is an idiot. O’Neill went on to say, “We are still not able to verify delivery of our clients’ advertising via Facebook or YouTube…They control the delivery of consumption data back to us. We also have major issues with the quality of the environment, our ads are delivered in… Also, completion rates on Facebook are appallingly low.”


Zuckerberg has continually shown his contempt for people that dare question Facebook and as a result some people are finally leaving.  The former owners of Instagram quit and there may be more to come.

Despite the promises, over and over, Facebook continues to lie to clients and the public.  Ms Sandberg was supposed to be “the adult in the room” but can anyone name one of her accomplishments?

I credit Mark with starting Facebook and growing it into a powerhouse, but now it’s time for experienced business leaders to take over the company.  He and Ms Sandberg can sit back and count their fortunes.


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