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172a0f5f40cfbf8172a21ca36eebThree quarters of marketing strategies and ad campaigns under-performed during 2014 as new research claims they failed to deliver the positive business results – increased sales, greater market share, sales prospects or conversions – that management had expected. This is news?

Fournaise noted a focus on style, look, feel, digital and social rather than directly addressing the needs of the target audience based on “sound, scientifically-structured, audience-triggering CVP architectures”.  It further argued that marketers and agencies placed too much reliance on creativity in ads and not enough on such things as message relevance, message appeal and action/engagement.



Let’s be honest with each other; how many times have you seen ads, in print or on TC, and said “this is really bad”.  As brands prepare to waste a lot of money on Superbowl ads to entertain us and pat each other on the back for being recognized as a top spot, consumers are, for the most part, going to ignore them at the moment of truth.

In 88% of the cases Fournaise Performance-Tracked that Marketers (and their Agencies) built and developed their strategies, campaigns and ads around CVPs with little triggering effect on their target audience segments.

Fournaise Performance-Tracked that the Ads deployed (regardless of the media: traditional, digital, mobile) creatively failed to build a high enough level of audience engagement to generate solid incremental customer demand for the products/services advertised.

In 67% of the cases Fournaise Performance-Tracked that Marketers were swamped with a mountain of big data and reports, but kept on asking for more from all types of research, analytics and automation providers. Why? Because marketers are afraid to make decisions and take risks.  The problem with this is that most marketers should always have a hand on the pulse of their audience and not rely on data overload to make execution safer.


There is too much hand holding and not enough talent in marketing.  Big data is overused to the point of analysis paralysis and agencies are too focused on creative and awards.


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