You have 3 seconds to gain attention online

WHAT? Consumers today are bombarded with so much information you have to grab their attention quickly. In fact, you really only have 3-seconds or less. Online ads need to be created for the sites in which they will appear and different messages should be tested.

The Hook Point

Digital and social media have reshaped our world into one of micro-attention. Knowing how to use Hook Points properly helps you become a more effective marketer and communicator. It gives you a nucleus upon which to scale your business and become a world-class brand. It’s a critically important business tool that deserves marketers’ time and attention. A great Hook Point will not only allow you to capture people’s attention in three seconds, but it will also help you hold that attention to get your audience to take specific actions for years to come.

What is a Hook Point? 

Your ideal customers are inundated with messages, content, and advertisements. A Hook Point will make them stop what they’re doing and say: “Wait. What!” An effective Hook Point works equally well online and offline, succinctly communicates what you’re about, and captures a person’s attention in three seconds or less.


The first rule is that the more you invest in creative the better your ROI. That not only goes for websites it goes for online ads as well. The second rule is that you need to test and optimize ads. Get ready to pull ads that don’t perform well and replace them with other ads.

One of the biggest mistakes online marketers make is using the same creative from TV ads for online ads. TV is a lot different, online you have maybe three seconds to get the attention of your online audience. Your message should not only inform but it should be one in which consumers say “I want to know more”.

A really big disconnect comes, however, when consumers get to your website. Marketers love flashy creative but that leads to website homepages that look more like ten billboards merged together than an invitation to people to interact with your brand.

The other biggest issue we find with clients is keeping web pages that have virtually no traffic. Just because you think they’re good doesn’t mean a damn thing. Remember, on the web, it’s about website visitors, not you.

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