Why I’m sick of hearing about social media

Brands are pouring money into the black hole of digital marketing and expecting big things. Moreover, growing shares report that their companies are making digital marketing and customer engagement a high strategic priority. Nevertheless, there is more work to do: most executives estimate that, at best, their companies are one-quarter of the way toward realizing the end-state vision for their digital programs.

While this sounds great, I would ask, “what about other brand touchpoints?”. Having a great Facebook page means little if you’re not listening and responding to visitor posts in Internet time.   Despite the host of technical challenges in implementing digital, respondents of a McKinsey survey say the success (or failure) of digital programs ultimately relies on organization and leadership rather than technical considerations. However,r I would add something else: the ability to think about what analytics and data mean for your brand and organization.


What exactly does it mean if you have 100,000 people who like your Facebook page, but your product is hard to find at retail? Does it matter that you’re getting many people to follow you on Instagram if your profit margins are eroding?

I’m sick of hearing about social media because there is too much focus and not enough emphasis on essential customer retention and good people-focused marketing. When brands let people down in person,n they lose a customer that is very expensive to get back. Focus more on the in-person brand experience and less on creating a great social media page, and you’ll succeed.

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2 Comments on “Why I’m sick of hearing about social media”

  1. “You don’t have to love social media and it is ok if you hate it.” That is what I tell skeptical clients who ask about social media. It is merely a medium we use to get our content in front of our ideal customers.

    This reminds me of the 16 year old kid who washes his new car with a diaper and the most expensive soap he can find. He loves his car, but in the end, it is merely a vehicle that takes him where he wants to go.

    After the newness of social media wares off, people will stop looking at it with a love/hate mindset. They will see it as a tool. Social media, cars, screwdrivers…they’re just tools.

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