Why brands have to BLOG today

28% of Fortune 500 companies (139) have public-facing corporate blogs this year, according to data from the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, released in August. This represents a 5% point increase from 23% in 2011 and 2010, and is up 75% from 2008, when just 16% of the Fortune 500 had public-facing blogs. 2 of the top 5 corporations (Exxon and Wal-Mart) have public facing blogs, while the remaining 3 (Chevron, ConocoPhillips and Berkshire Hathaway) do not.  Why are BLOG’s so important ?  Because with a BLOG you’re going to reach more people and index higher in organic search.

In January, the Center for Marketing Research studied the Inc. Magazine 500 and found that the use of blogging had dropped to 37% in 2011, a 26% decline from 50% in 2010, and an 18% fall from 45% in 2009. Still, 92% of those using a blogging platform said it has been successful for their business, up from 86% in 2010. In addition according to eMarketer anxious mothers show a tendency to go online in search of answers to an endless litany of questions about raising and caring for their kids. And mothers who looked to the web for parenting advice considered blogs to be the most trustworthy social media platform, according to a July 2012 survey of US online mothers by blog company BlogHer.

More than two-thirds of respondents said they trusted the information and advice gleaned from blogs. Interestingly, faith in blog posts spiked among mothers ages 28 to 45, at 72%, and was a bit lower among both younger and older moms. After blogs, Facebook was the next most trusted social media network at 64%, followed by YouTube at 36%.

The act of blogging itself does not matter any more, but the act of consistently creating education based content that is easy for search engines to find and index, easy to share, attracts links, creates a searchable and archivable body of work on a subject and will never be seen as inorganic by Google has never, ever been more important.

# 1. Creates Good Reputation for the Company

Blogs help build the product, brand and company reputation positively. Informative entries in blogs help build credibility and class. It also helps establish the company as an authority, a cut above the rest and not just another service or product provider. It allows the company to showcase its knowledge and therefore gives its audience and prospects an opportunity to gain a greater appreciation of the company.

# 2. Product and Brand Promotion

Blogs spread the word about the company and its products. As mentioned, if a company is able to build an audience that trusts them through its informative posts then its visitors will understand a little bit of self promotion. This can help the company launch new products, get feedback on products to improve them and therefore help sales in all sorts of ways.

# 3. Increasing Web Visibility

By writing compelling articles for the target market, there’s a higher probability that the blog will also gain more traffic over time. This is because there will be more people who share and recommend articles on the blogs. This will naturally attract back links which ranks the blog high on the search results pages. As long as the Business has set up the blog to be SEO friendly, the off page benefits of building a popular blog can rank the blog well for its major terms.

# 4. Sharing what the Business Believes In

Almost all businesses have mission and vision statements. Some also have their values publicly defined. Most of these are honestly very vague, and meaningless because the way most companies behave, are not in line with what they claim their mission is.

A blog provides an opportunity for the business to reveal its personality, what it really believes in, and what it stands for on more than a page. It gives the opportunity for businesses to tackle major issues with its target audience, allows it to set a tone for the communication between it and its target market. Essentially, it is an opportunity for the business to have its values and statements come to life in real life over time.

# 5. Providing Education and Information

Blogs are effective in educating the public about the impact the business is having in the community, and to its target market, through its products, services, sponsorships, community projects and so on. Again it is an avenue for its target market to gain a better appreciation for all the things the business is involved in.

# 6. Creating a Solid Client Base

Blogs have the power to create a large community of clients and like-minded people. They generate more members through referrals, word of mouth, and other forms of information dissemination and advertising.

# 7.  Facilitate efficient communication in its community

 As a community of a particular niche, blogs can help facilitate communications between clients, stakeholders, suppliers, and others concerned.


Source: http://tweakyourbiz.com/marketing/2012/08/02/7-reasons-why-your-business-should-be-blogging/

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  1. Nowadays is important that companies belonging to social networks. There is no better way in my opinion to know the client, what he thinks or likes in a brand. About the tips on blogs, very interesting by the way, I would like to say that in Portugal, there are some cases of unhappy customers who left their comments and the reaction of the brand wasn’t the best. Some cases they even go to court.
    They shouldn’t ignore the target audience or delete comments less pleasant. The brand must have assertive communication. Companies must be able to bear the consequences; of course it’s not good for the brand but will be worst if they don’t answer. The customers want to be heard. As stated in the article: «Why are BLOG’s so important? Because with a BLOG you’re going to reach more people and index higher in organic search.» (Rich Meyer, 2012)

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