What’s the real value of social media marketing?

UnknownThe news around social media is not good.  Facebook’s organic reach has tanked, people share news on Twitter and the jury is still out whether Pinterest actually offers an ROI.  Yet, surveys indicate that marketers are planning to spend more on social media?

Hers is the bottom line when it comes to social media marketing: consumers and customers expect you to be there when they have a problem, suggestion or to find out when something is new but they don’t have the time to listen to promotional social media megaphones.


Consumers today just don’t have the time to engage brands on social media unless you’re an iconic brand like Starbucks.  Coke, with all its followers, sales are tanking and there is a direct correlation between the number of followers on Facebook and the decline in reach.

So what is the real value of social media?

1ne: As a channel to listen to and respond, in internet time, to suggestions and complaints.

2wo: A way to say thank you to your most loyal customers beyond words.

3hree: Part of an integrated marketing strategy, but stop looking for the elusive ROI.  Understand that you need it just like a customer service department.

Yes, it’s that simple, but too many marketers are going to spend countless hours and presentations searching for the ROI without understanding that “we need it” just like a brand logo.


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