What’s the difference between a good and a great marketing person?

marketing-guru-resizedAs a consultant I have seen my share of people who are, shall we say, challenged by marketing.  They’re not bad or unintelligent, they are just overwhelmed with the depth and complexity of marketing options.  The best marketers, I have found, are the ones who have an in depth understanding about what they are really selling and are skeptical around the hype machine that tends to say things like you have to be on Pinterest or have a Facebook page.  So what’s the difference between a good and a great marketing person?

Here is my list of things great marketing people do..

1ne: The disregard most big data and focus on data of their current customers.  They want to know what made them customers and what’s the most important aspect to keep them as customers.


2wo: They have an in depth understanding of the branding elements that are important to their target audience and they constantly measure the brand experience from advertising to purchase.


3hree: They consume free reports and market information, but they understand that what another brand/company did may not be relevant to their industry.

4our: They hire people smarter than them and learn from everyone in the organization.


5ive: The try and change organizational processes to add more value to customers.  Implementing with speed and quality is essential and empowering employees to create a better work environment which in turn creates more customers.


6ix: They know when to ask for help. Today a lot of brands are shorthanded and need help from the outside because it can bring a fresh perspective.

7even:  They always ask “what’s the objective?” when starting any new marketing program and know how to measure initiatives.

8ight: They see technology as a tool, not as the primary driver to a better marketing ROI.   The best technology doesn’t mean a damn thing unless you are able to use it as a tool to develop better marketing & branding.


9ine: They understand that marketing is part science and part art.  They use research for insights not like a drunk uses a lamp post for support.

10en: They’re always reading marketing information on the Internet. At night, early in the morning, they live for this stuff because it challenges them and they want to better understand new consumers.

What did I miss?  Add your own comment.


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