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dairy-consumer-choicesThe results of the What Women Want: 2016 survey, demonstrate that women are focused squarely – and equally – on improving both personal and financial health in 2016. In fact, nearly two-thirds of respondents (63%) said they anticipate increasing their focus on personal financial management in 2016, and more than half (51%) declared they would rather hire a fitness trainer or nutritionist than a financial advisor, interior decorator or personal shopper in the year ahead.

Fielded online to 1,694 SheSpeaks members aged 18 years and older, from December 4 to December 9, 2015, the What Women Want: 2016 survey results show respondents’ focus on physical and financial health in stark contrast to their low interest in personal shopping and improving physical appearances.

When asked what they would do with an extra $1,000, 43% would choose to put the money in a savings or retirement account, while just 6% said they would buy clothing or accessories for themselves.

“Women wield incredible influence as consumers, heads of households, and leaders in business and society – and 2016 is sure to represent a remarkable year for women, particularly with a female candidate taking center stage in the 2016 presidential election,” observed Aliza Freud, founder and CEO, SheSpeaks. “Women’s focus for the coming year is clear: financial and personal wellness goals are at the top of the list – not plastic surgery, shopping, or even dating – and marketers who want to reach this critical demographic need to take women as seriously as they take themselves.”



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