What the election can teach us about consumers

If you need any more proof that consumers are angry just look at the results of yesterdays election.  Even with approval ratings in the toilet the voters sent the same politicans back to Congress.  There are lessons to be learned here for marketers and brands.Lesson 1: Never underestimate the “pissed off” public

Even without a message the Republicans managed to defeat Democrats.  The fact that they didn’t have a message or agenda made no difference to voters who are angry at the President.

Lesson 2: It’s the economy stupid.

So you think the economy is really improving?  Houshold income has still not returned to pre-recession levels and although there are more jobs the jobs that are being created usually pay less.  Consumers vote on brands everyday with their purchases.  There’s a reason that Coke and Pepsi are in trouble and although your brand could be on top today fickle consumers could leave you in a heartbeat if you don’t listen and continue to make your marketing irrelevant.

Lesson 3: Be careful what you wish for.

TheRepublicans now have to govern and if they think that they can limit minimum wage increases and give more help to big business while they continue to rake in record profits then they will learn another hard lesson in 2016.  When you’re the top brand consumers expect more from you.


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