What business are you really in?

What business are you really in?  If you’re not solving customers’ problems and your product focused you’re in the wrong business and you’re going to lose market share.  Marketing Myopia is still relevant, but too many marketers are overwhelmed with data to focus on customer needs.

What Is Marketing Myopia?

  1. Focusing too narrowly on selling products and services
  2. Missing the “big picture” of what consumers really want

The three key ideas of Marketing Myopia..

1ne:There’s no such thing as a growth industry.

2wo:Your product is not your business.

3hree:Focus on customers’ needs, not your capabilities.

There’s No Such Thing as a Growth Industry

The history of every dead and dying ‘growth’ industry shows a self-deceiving cycle of bountiful expansion and undetected decay. THEODORE LEVITT

The Four Myths:

The Cure for Marketing Myopia

  • Think broadly about the business you are in.
  • Create a customer-oriented company.