Understanding the new Female Consumer

Meredith’s new proprietary study designed to help marketers understand the buying behavior and decision-making processes of women by category (beauty, food, home) through the lens of life stages and the use of technology.

2020: A Pivotal Year for Millennials

-80.4 million strong

-Largest generation ever

-Increase spending to $2.5 Trillion

-Will represent majority of the work force

-Account for 2/3 of all first-time home buyers

Media: Key Takeaways

> She loves ALL media…and each has its role in satisfying her needs

> She’s wired to be wireless and maintaining her mobility is a priority

> Social media is a mainstay with this generation

>Trailing Millennials are always finding the next, new thing — She shares her “true self” through photos and videos, but doesn’t trust others are being as authentic/real as she is

Cultivate sharing and keep an optimistic tone to resonate with her


1ne: Note the heavy use of desktop and laptop PC’s.  The key question is “are they accessing these sites while at work?”

2wo: They are communicating in new ways and are smart enough to know when brands are conning them.  They don’t like BOTS and want to be acknowledged as a valuable customer.

3hree: Women make over 80% of brand decisions and are key to your brand success.  Millennial women want to communicate on “their terms”.

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