Twitter: Making engagement a 4 letter word

irrelevant.gif?w=450Let me be as direct as I can here: Twitter is fading in relevance and social media engagement doesn’t mean shit when it comes to converting consumers into customers. 

Like 100 million other Americans I am watching the Super Bowl and multitasking on my iPad.  Unfortunately Twitter has become full of SPAM advertisements which I don’t want to see or don’t care to see.  Then there are the ridiculous Super Bowl advertiser Tweets as if I want to see more of their commercials.  Folks, this is as bad as it gets.

For some reason agencies and social media experts have convinced brands that engagement on Twitter actually means something.  Here is a little clue: it doesn’t mean a damn thing when it comes to branding or sales for 80% of the spots.  I may talk about your commercial, but I am still not going to drink Budweiser or purchase a VW anytime in the near or far future.

About the only good Tweet I saw was that VW has no female engineers in Germany.

Then there are the brands that try and interrupt viewers.  Deloitte Health Care, for example, wants us to go back to work to read about 2014 healthplan outlooks.


Why can’t advertisers just leave us alone and why can’t they learn how to use Twitter the right way?  The answer is that digital talent is hard to find and for some reason engagement is more important than conversion.


The business of marketing is too much about money and not enough about consumers or bottom line results.

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