Twitter: The bubble bursts

twitterYesterday’s release noted that Twitter now has 241 million monthly active users (MAU), up from 232 million in Q3 2013. That’s quarterly growth of just 3.88 percent. In other words: rubbish. The total number of times users viewed their timeline (Twitter’s news feed and core product) declined from the previous quarter for the first time ever. While advertisers may look at Twitter for increasing reach consumers are turning off.

What’s the difference between a paid Tweet and spam? The answer is nothing.  It seems that brands and Twitter haven’t realized that users don’t want to be interrupted when they use social media.


I am a big Titter user and I use Twitter to stay on top of business news and trends but when my Twitter feed has Tweets from Oreo’s and Tide it’s time to move on and I believe that’s exactly what people are doing.


There is a somewhat mistaken belief that making Tweets more relevant to the audience works but I would argue that users want limited interactions in their conversations.  If I am talking about the NFL playoffs the last thing I want to read is Tide tells me that their product can get the team uniforms clean again.


This bubble has burst and the bottom line: if the Q1 and Q2 2014 numbers aren’t amazing Twitter could be in trouble as a business and viable investment – certainly for bulls – going forward.


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