TV ads still first in awareness

UnknownAccording to Ipsos the number one way to create awareness around new brands and products is with TV ads followed closely with friends and family and the Internet.  However Deloitte reports that one-quarter of consumers multitask while watching TV.  My guess is that number is a lot higher when it comes to watching TV while commercials are on plus consumers have the last channel button on their remotes allowing them to watch something else  while commercials air.



What does this mean for marketers ?

1ne: Grab the attention of your audience quickly and tell them about your new product.  Don’t be cute and tease your audience about new products with a com in date.People just don’y have the time to really care about future new products,

2wo:  Measure awareness and then think next brand touchpoint.  For cookies and other grocery items that could be an FSI or in store display.  For other products like cars and electronics the next step could be research via the web.

3hree: Beware consumer backlash.  If you’re running commercials on TV with a very high frequency it could lead to consumers getting tired of your spots and blacking them out via multitasking or switching channels.

4our: Once you inform how are you going to get consumers to customers ?

5ive:  Execute.  There is nothing worse than informing people about new commercials and not having 100% distribution in targeted retailers.

6ix: Don’t make the mistake of thinking that consumers want to have a relationship with your brand.  If it’s a product they want then they will purchase it not go to Facebook to like your brand.

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