Traditional advertising doesn’t translate to mobile devices

Worldwide mobile-ad spending will reach $6.4 billion this year and more than $23.6 billion by 2016, according to EMarketer. But most mobile ads are disruptive.  So why are so many brands, media agencies and marketers giving so little thought to how mobile ads work and how to engage users ?  According to Business WeekTraditional advertising doesn’t translate to mobile devices, and companies are still struggling to come up with effective strategies.”

Marketers need to think about where people are going to see their ads and optimize their ads for that channel.  An ad on a website may generate more interest when that website is viewed through a PC rather than a mobile device and the opposite can also be true.  In other words we need to think about what our mobile ads look like on small devices and how we are going to engage users on those devices.


First let’s remember that woman are the ones who are more likely to click on mobile ads as they are the ones who love to shop as opposed to men who like to buy.  Then we need to also think about where people are using their mobile devices to access the Internet.  According to Nielsen a lot are accessing mobile devices to multitask while watching TV but I would argue that a lot of user access their mobile devices when they are bored or want to be proactive when they have to wait.  It’s pretty common to see people accessing smartphones at meeting to check eMail and the same can be said for people who are commuting to work on trains or busses or waiting in traffic.

Second mobile ads have to appeal to users first.  This means that marketers have to not only optimize ads for mobile they also have to find ways to make the ads engaging enough so users want to “know more”.   Finally  we need to understand where people, on mobile devices, are accessing our ads but more importantly why ?   With these insights in hands marketers can drive a higher ROI for mobile ads rather than interrupt consumers who don’t want to be interrupted.


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