Top content? Discounts

contentkngContent, we all say that content is king, but do consumers really have the time to read all that content? Not according to a new survey from FleishmanHillard. The big takeaway here seems to be that coupons (76%) and promotions (59%) still rank highly in the hierarchy of information a company can provide.  


According to these consumers anyway, whether a post is paid for doesn’t matter — at least not to 80 percent of them — who rated sponsored content as either more valuable or no more or less valuable than content that isn’t paid for.  The big takeaway here not shockingly is that people trust people and organizations they like, with brands they like coming in third, ahead of media source’s social feeds and public figures or celebrities.


So what’s the bottom line here?  We have assumed that brands have to be made today, but what isn’t being said is that our content has to be there when CONSUMERS NEED IT not as a way to try and intrude on consumers everyday lives. Consumers today are time pressed and frankly the idea that they have time for all the brands in their lives is myopic.

Your content has to be engaging so that when a consumer raises his hand and visits your website the content and online brand experience surpass their expectations.