Too much time developing marketing plans ?

marketingcontrarianPost Summary:  Your marketing plan should consist of one page and should be easy to read and understand by everyone within the organization.  It should be strategic in nature and certain elements, like your positioning, should not change because of market conditions.There are a lot of companies that spend way too much time writing and getting approval for the brand marketing plan.  While it can be a good exercise marketing, and consumers, are moving too fast to be confined to a document that may have been written months ago.


What should a marketing plan have ?

1ne: A strategic objective, such as being the market leader within a certain category.

2wo: A clear, well understood brand positioning statement.  Who are you and what are the core elements of your brand ?

3hree: A high level bullet point list of your major strategic initiatives to help you meet your objectives.

That’s it, short, direct to the point.

Hey?  But what about the tactics that are going to help us get there ?

Tactics are of course very important,  but because marketing and the environment in which we market is changing so rapidly tactics need to be flexible.  Whenever you look at new tactics you should be able to directly connect it back to your brand objective via a measurable metric, not a soft one.


I also strongly recommend that marketing people do some competitive gaming to both prepare for possible moves by competitors and to get people to really think about your brand, customers and products.

Above all your marketing has to be fluid to emphasize key marketing tactics that drive revenue.



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