Time to rethink the brand-consumer relationship

IN SUMMARY: In today’s marketplace, the customer experience
is paramount. It’s inseparable from the value of the goods and services a company provides. It’s also a critical indicator of whether consumers will do business with a brand again and advocate on their behalf.

How many times have we heard “it’s about the customer experience?”. Consumers are more likely to share positive interactions with companies than negative ones. Gen Z is the most loquacious, but all consumers have a tendency to tell their friends, family members and colleagues. Some will write a review, or post about it on social media. True brand advocates will even contact the company to thank them or share their positive experiences. In the kingdom of CX, goodness prevails and it too has a significant business impact.

Social Media ads?

Among surveyed respondents, the vast majority (88%) have social media accounts. Less than one-quarter trust shopping recommendations from these platforms, but nearly twice as many (45%) report using social channels to discover new brands at least once a month.


It begins when a customer has faith in a company. That trust can’t be bought. It must be cultivated. To earn the right to growth, brands must trust and respect their customers in return.

Too many brands take the CX for granted. They don’t spend enough time experiencing their brands as customers. Comments like “i had to wait 45 minutes to talk to customer service” are brand killers. Frozen food entrees that have freezer burn are more likely to reflect on the brand than the retailer.

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