Time to beef up your digital marketing department

whats importantDigital marketing is too damn important to leave to just one person or one agency.  Today you need a person for analytics, paid media, content as well as a director level to oversee all your digital marketing.

Digital marketing is moving pretty fast through the hype cycle, but there are enough good digital initiatives to build a solid foundation that supports key brand objectives.   The first question to ask is “just how important is digital marketing to our product/brand?  I would argue, for example, that digital marketing is more important for a car company than for a brand like Oreo’s.  If you feel digital marketing plays an important role in conversion, then you need more digital marketing people.

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Here are some KPI’s for each position…

1ne:Analytics- Your analytics person has two jobs; the first is to “tell a story” of what users are doing when they come to your website as well as develop a dashboard beyond numbers for non-digital managers.

2wo: Paid media- Ensure that your paid media is driving key brand objectives beyond just traffic(clicks).  They should work with your agency to continually optimize paid media placement including paid search.  Provide insights into your target audience so you can pinpoint better media placement.

3hree: Content – What content does your audience want and need and how can it be optimized so that’s it supports brand objectives and time/money?

4our: Usability – Is your site user friendly?  Is the bounce rate high if so why?  Is our site performing well on mobile devices?

5ive: Online promotions – What online promotions can we offer to increase conversion and how are we going to measure them?

Like I wrote before if digital marketing is really important to your brand than there is no excise for “not having the people’ to get it right.

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