The only thing consumers care about with a brand is their experience

UnknownAs consumers, our online lives are shaping how we behave in the offline world, and our short attention spans are no longer confined to the screens on our mobile devices. The convergence of digital and real world selves challenges brands to understand the new requirements of customers who flit freely through fashion, fads and friendships in real life, just as they do online.
By leveraging the need for experience, brands will have to create learning strategies as offsets of their marketing strategies in order to establish new customer relationships and maintain current ones. They yearn to have their friends pay attention to the grand narrative that they are crafting through their digital stories their building through the experiences they’re having and the things they are learning. The only way they can do this is to become an entity themselves; inserting themselves into and tweaking reality of those in it in order to connect with them.

The only thing they care about with a brand is their experiences with it and how the brand makes them feel. As behavior becomes more fragmented, fleeting and omnidirectional, companies must also understand how data and the devices and platforms that deliver that data can be leveraged to create products, services and experiences that fuel consumer loyalty, build their brands and ultimately drive revenue.

While TOR browsers and sites like Data Coup and CitizenMe help consumers control their digital footprints, it is important to note that consumers want all their devices to communicate and their information to sync. For brands, this means that instead of focusing on how to extract consumer data, brands should focus on how they can help their consumers’ non-digital identities. That relationship can then be translated between online and offline commerce as awakening technologies provide an unobtrusive connected experience between the brand and the consumer.


Brands will have to determine the use of technology in their stores, how consumers will reach them at what touchpoints, and how that will drive emotional connection.

For brands, future value in this new consumer culture means continual reinforcement of the brand’s commitment to its customers’ interests, values and beliefs. … When brands figure out how to give consumers what they need through their new brand systems in a transparent and meaningful way, they will win.

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