The new era of digital marketing

screenshot_67All marketing organizations evolve over time. Whether that change is successful in the long run depends on whether it’s planned or reactionary.  Above all, what’s needed is less reliance on hype and more emphasis on digital marketing disciplines.

According to Adobe

  • The largest group, comprising 45% of companies, takes an organic approach, with no formal plan for maturing their digital marketing capability. They respond to new conditions, but don’t plan ahead for them.
  • Second is a large minority (36%) that sees elements of their strategic plan as moving them to greater maturity, but these elements are not linked. Digital maturity is a byproduct, not an overarching goal.
  • Finally, an elite 19% reports having made specific plans and investments with their digital maturity in mind.

While some may find this surprising it accurately reflects the confusion between the hype and reality of digital marketing.  Too many digital marketers fall into the trap set by pseudo experts who communicate that they “have” to do something but fail to take into account that everyone’s business is different along with customers and prospects.


I did some work for a travel website whose senior VP was taken in by the idea of inbound marketing to the point they established a blog and content strategy.  The problem with this idea was that users of the website could care less about what to do in Miami; they were only interested in getting good rates for hotels, air fare and car rentals.  After 5 months they abandoned their inbound marketing and instead focused on a better user experience which increased key metrics including conversion rates.


In my opinion the best digital marketing component any organization can have is its people.  This means having people who understand the discipline of marketing along with the ability to align resources necessary to ensure a positive ROI.  Having digital marketing people who roam the hallways wearing jeans, sneakers and tee shirts, because they feel they are rock stars is not as good as having people who understand basic marketing principles and why your prospects become customers.

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  1. Good Points made on the strategy how digital marketing works in this digital age. I agree that potential marketers are the power of success in this competitive world.

    Jeevita from Bizbilla

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