The era of the personal computer is NOT over

Stupidity exists everywhere, but the author of an article called “It’s Official: The Era of the Personal Computer Is Over” just does not understand what he is talking about.  If anyone thinks the era of the personal computer is over they are just fooling themselves because when it comes to “creators” the PC is the tool for “getting it done”.

Let’s talk about reality here for a second;  Are tablets outselling computers now ?  Of course they are but that doesn’t mean that people don’t want or use their PC’s.  The fact is that tablets are growing because 76% of people are not creators and don’t need a PC to Tweet, update their BLOG or surf the Web.   Right now most people are quite content with their PC’s and there isn’t any reason for them to upgrade.  Remember the number one thing that people do online is check eMail followed by surfing the Web which can be done on an iPad very well wherever they are as opposed to sitting in front of their PC’s.

Businesses and consumers alike are again purchasing PCs, and Mac sales are on the rise year-over-year. Businesses in particular are forced to upgrade older PCs now that Windows XP is no longer supported. When purchasing a new PC, the main driver to choose a PC versus a tablet is fairly obvious: If you are creating any type of content regularly, you need a keyboard, a larger screen, and (for most businesses) Microsoft Office.