The digital divide in the marketing department

It is abundantly clear that there is a massive “digital divide” between consumers engaging in real-time across channels, versus the digital marketing industry that is still largely siloed and not executing in real-time. It appears that this digital divide is due, in large part, to two key challenges observed in this research, namely:  Overwhelming Complexity and Lack of Unified Measurement.

• Overwhelming Complexity: The digital divide results from the overwhelming complexity experienced by all groups — the currently fragmented digital marketing landscape adds undue complexity and inertia to digital marketing capabilities. A loud rallying call centers on the need to move from the current plethora of silos and “point solutions” to integrated “end- to-end” solutions that help bridge sell-side and demand-side, and provide value to both.

• Lack of Unified Measurement: Another underlying challenge contributing to the digital divide is our current lack of unified measurement, which is critical for campaign assessment, advancing from multi-channel to cross-channel marketing, enabling the tracking of customer journeys, enabling connected customer experiences, and attributing impact beyond the “last click.”

• Real-Time Intelligence and Unified Automation: These two forces are inescapably reshaping the digital landscape, and which, when applied in union, provide the basis to enhance digital marketing executions. This will enable the industry to evolve towards “liquid” marketplaces, where smart end-to-end solutions will provide value to both the sell-side and demand-side — enabling “real-time” efficiencies for publishers to apply audience intelligence to avoid commodity pricing even with RTB media buying. Further, marketers and their agencies will have the transparency required for differential bidding. As such, these two evolutionary forces will help bridge the digital divide.

Some things to remember…

1ne: Digital marketing is evolving and it’s evolving fast.  Just when you think you have a handle on how to measure  your digital marketing something changes and your current measurements are no longer effective to determine ROI.

2wo: Hire people in digital marketing who understand digital marketing and can separate fact from hype.  These are the people who live, breath and eat everything Internet marketing but they also have the unique skill to be able to marry Web marketing with brand objectives to provide ROI.

3hree: You need a digital marketing analytics department.  If you really want to know what’s happening in the digital marketing area you need to have people who can take a lot of data and translate it into actionable marketing initiatives.

4our: One person cannot handle every aspect of digital marketing.  It has become too complex today.

5ive: Data is gold but it’s only useful if you use it not sit on it and create nice looking Power Points.

6ix: Engagement is an overused analytic.  I might engage your brand but still purchase a competitor’s product.

7even: If you’re going to invest in digital, invest in your branded website not a Facebook page.

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