Ten reasons there’s bad marketing

Why is there so much bad marketing?  Is it because with the wealth of information marketers are stuck in analysis paralysis or is it because there is a lack of talented marketing people?  My guess is that it’s a little bit of both plus the fact that it can take weeks and months to implement even simple marketing initiatives.

How many of you see an ad on TV or in print and say to yourself “wow, this ad is really bad.  What a waste of money”.  The fact is that it has been reported that up to 80% of TV and print ads are no longer effective in driving conversion. Why does this happen so much ?  Here is my list of why there is so much bad marketing:

1ne:  In order for marketers to do anything it requires weeks of meetings and at least half a dozen Power Point presentations.  This allows managers so spread risk but it also allows others to take a great idea and massage it until it’s a bad idea.

2wo: You believe your market research too much.  I am amazed at how many managers make decisions based on some focus groups when focus groups don’t really tell you what they are going to buy.  With social media you can listen to what consumers are thinking and saying about your brand and products.

3hree:  You are doing what is right to stay politically connected rather than what is right for the brand and customers.  This goes on so much at big companies that is has become commonplace.

4our:  You don’t understand the purchase decision process that your customers go through when considering your brand/product.  Should you put more or less emphasis on the Internet ?  Do TV commercials lead to conversion or does it lead to consumers checking you out via the Web?

5ive: You are told to build it, but you don’t have the budget and resources.  I have seen this happen way too often, especially when it comes to online initiatives.   It results in a bad brand experience and turns off consumers and then marketers can’t understand why it isn’t working.

6ix: You don’t have a social media online traffic controller.   Companies today need an online traffic controller who can monitor social media channels and refer questions/problems to the right people for an answer as quickly as possible in Internet time.  The sooner you answer the happier your customer or prospect will be.

7even: You analyze everything on spreadsheets too much.  Take your MBA books and throw them away.

8ight: You’re afraid to stand up and say “this won’t work”.  When people live in fear of their jobs they become cogs in a machine at a time when consumers want real people.

9ine: Your agency people have way too much influence on your VP of Marketing and only care about getting your brand to spend money.

10en: You push your message too much and don’t talk to consumers.  You treat them like market segments rather than people and you develop one message for everyone.  Today it’s about relevancy and “what can your product do for me”.

Key Takeaway:

Marketing has to become more relevant and marketers have to earn their customers every day in every way.  We don’t have the time or luxury of not listening to consumers and using the mass market theory of outdated metrics like reach & frequency.  Perhaps the most gaping hole though is that marketers can’t approach their brands as customers and ask “why?”

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