What makes a successful digital/social media marketing person ?

Why is it taking so long for companies and marketer to embrace technology when it comes to digital marketing ? Could it be because there are too many bureaucrats who are worried about what others within your company are going to think about what you do rather than doing what is necessary to bring your digital marketing into the 21st century ?

Here are the most important traits of successful digital marketing person:

1. Customer-first Mindset: To me this is the most important aspect of a social marketer. Having a customer-first mindset is more rare than you might imagine. And it’s required to drive meaningful change within the organization and to be effective at generating marketing results that are important to the business. Serve the customer and you serve the business. Without this, effective social strategies are simply impossible.

2. Search Marketing Pros: I continue to believe that SEO is the most important tool in any marketers arsenal. It is important for understanding how to rank for search terms in Google, but it also reflects a desire to understand how your customers are finding you and what information they need.

3. They Walk-the-Walk: Maybe they are not experts at using all the tools but they have found the ones that work for them. They have figured out how to balance the line between their personal and professional brand. They read blogs and test the new tools. And you know where to find them. I personally think blogging is an important tool for any social marketer to learn how to walk-the-walk. For others, micro-blogging might be enough to stay connected.

4. Customer-Service Urgency: When someone asks your company Twitter account a question, you better have an answer. The customer expectation is that there will be a near real-time response. I continue to believe that response management is the biggest opportunity in social media today. B2C companies were forced to figure this out in the last couple of years and now many B2B companies appear to be catching up.

5. Strategic: They set a business objective for their social efforts and track metrics that matter instead of activities to check a box. But they also see the importance of social in the larger business landscape. More on that below.

6. They are change-agents: They started testing social tools before all the buzz and quickly realized the change they would cause for marketers and companies alike. But it is the desire to lead that change that makes for a great social marketer.

7. They realize brands are media: They know that instead of creating 20-page whitepapers and 50-minute webinars, marketers are increasingly looking at content strategy where 140-character tweets, 2-minute YouTube videos and photos on Facebook will help them achieve their business objectives. Great marketing serves an audience, not just with brochure-ware, but with valuable content that people want and need.

8. Focus on Integrated Marketing: they do not want to just create amazing social media strategies but to drive social into the core of the marketing discipline and their business DNA. They realize that all marketing is digital and that the social media strategy role won’t exist in a few years.

9. They Get the Sociology of Social: They realize that social tools have enabled collaboration, connections and networks to transform people and their place in the socio-economic and geo-political world we live in. They want to transform their companies into social businesses to meet the changing consumer landscape. They realize that these changes impact business decision makers who also buy gum and cereal and cars. They realize that social changes everything, not just marketing.

10. You! The brightest marketers realize that they don’t have all the answers. They work to drive consumer-generated content and crowd-sourced innovation at their companies. They realize it is all about you and not them or their companies.

Finally they also realize that they must have the business savvy to get things done.  Too many geeks know what needs to be done but they don’t have the patience to deal with corporate processes and endless meetings to get what they want.  They often get frustrated and leave a mess behind.

If you are lucky enough to have a great Internet marketing person in your organization than hold on to him/her and get them to share their passion and knowledge with others.

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