Before you take marketing advice….

The Internet is a great source of information and data, especially marketing data.  People from all backgrounds try and tell you that you either need to be on social media or need a BLOG to increase business, but before anyone tells you how to run your marketing shouldn’t they have experience in marketing?

Not too long ago I received a call from a brand startup that was using Hubspot to reach its target audience.  After more than six months of using their software to BLOG and post on social media the owner said that she has not seen any uptake in sales despite the promise of “inbound marketing”.  After reviewing their business plan I found that there were two key problems. First, awareness of their product was low and second retailers were reluctant to take on the product without substantial marketing support.

The “sales pitch” made by Hubspot was hard for her to pass, but after spending a lot of time with her and some potential brokers she realized that using social media and writing a BLOG was, as she said, “a total waste of time”.  I happened to be in her office when Hubspot called to try and get her to commit to more products at a higher price.  I asked the woman on the line what brands she had worked on and there was that awkward silence to which she replied she had just graduated school last year.

Now first let me disclose that I am not a fan of Hubspot due to reading Dan Lyons book, but if and when you take any marketing advice shouldn’t it be from someone who has actually worked in marketing and had some success?

Before you read any data on the Internet and pass it along to others as an opportunity PLEASE think and ask basic questions like:

1ne: How does this data apply to my customers?

2wo: What does this data tell me and, more importantly, what doesn’t it tell me?

3hree: Am I willing to risk my business based on this data or advice?

As for credentials beware of anyone who positions themselves as a “marketing superstar”.  You may find that the only thing they are good at is marketing their personal brand.

I have had a lot of marketing success, but I have, along the way, learned the most important skill I possess is listening and viewing my clients’ challenges as a customer.

There is a lot of false news out there in the business world put out by people who are trying to elevate their personal brands.  When I work with someone on a marketing solution I want to know that person understands how and what’s important to my business.


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