SUMMARY: Seth Godin is a great marketing blogger but his view of marketing is often idealistic. To Seth marketing should tell stories even though consumers today don’t have the time or patience for stories. Today consumers want a good product at a fair price they don’t want to listen to stories that, to them, don’t change the fact that the frozen pizza brand they’re buying is more expensive and taste like cardboard.

According to the Harvard Business Review; When we are silent, we are hurting the outcome. You see, minority viewpoints have been proven to aid the quality of decision making in juries, by teams and for the purpose of innovation. Research proves then even when the different points of view are wrong, they cause people to think better, to create more solutions and to improve the creativity of problem solving.  The key question is who out there is ready to stand up and say “this is bad marketing” or “this is not going to meet our business objectives?”