challengeIf brands readily acknowledge the efficiencies and impact bought by integrating digital marketing, why then is the implementation process so slow? Only 6% of of  respondents thought that their digital strategies were already integrated. 35% of respondents indicated that the technology required to achieve a truly integrated digital marketing strategy was too complicated. There are also structural issues at play: 24% said that their team wasn’t set up to run an integrated digital marketing strategy and 15% stated that disparate data was the problem. The digital marketing community continues to struggle in convincing marketers that their efforts should be managed and optimized holistically in order to maximize rewards, regardless of the time commitment or expense in implementing.

first-priorityFrom Pam Moore comes a great post on social media Becoming a social business is a journey, not a destination. You can’t put a date on the calendar that reads, “this is the day we will be a social business.”   Instead you must set goals, objectives and realize the only guarantee is change .  Unfortunately it is in the very early stages of a social media program development many marketers and business leaders immediately start jumping to tactics such as social profile rebrands, images for Facebook and Instagram, Vine videos and the list goes on.